25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (2023)

Looking for the best gardens in London? These are the beautiful places that you should not miss.

There's something very good about escaping to one of London's green spaces, especially on those (seemingly rare) days when the sun is out and even the grumpiest Londoner starts smiling.

While London looks like a concrete jungle at first glance, there is actually plenty of green space scattered across the city.

Well, London has plenty of parks to explore, but sometimes you're looking for something more intimate or you just want to find a new spot in the great outdoors.

Luckily for you, London has an abundance of gardens, large and small, for you to explore. These are the best gardens in London - perfect for picnics, sunbathing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

London's best gardens

sky garden

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (1)

There is nothing more spectacular than thatsky garden, the tallest garden in London.

The difficulty is knowing where to look: is it the beautiful plants or flowers, or the breathtaking view?

I say get a glass of prosecco from the bar and give yourself enough time to do both.

kew gardens

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (2)

There are two ways to do this:kew gardensIt is the most famous flower bed in England and possibly the world.

In fact, to call it a "flower bed" is an understatement. Spread over 300 hectares with over 30,000 species of plants, this botanical garden in London is truly amazing.

If you want to visit London's most famous garden, this is probably your best bet.


25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (3)

I love the traffic and hustle and bustle of central London, but it's not exactly a zen place to think.

Luckily, the Kyoto Garden in London certainly is. Donated by the city of Kyoto in the 1990s, it is an oasis of calm inspired by traditional Japanese gardens and one of themost romantic places in town.

While it's not huge, there's a lot to see and it's best explored slowly, so I recommend planning an afternoon to see it.

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Chelsea physical garden

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (4)

IsChelsea physical gardenwas founded by the "Worshipful Society of Apothecaries" (there wereat any timeWas that a nicer name for an organization?) in 1673.

Today it remains popular and is one of the most unique gardens to visit in London. A focus is on the scientific side of plants, including their medicinal uses.

Perfect if you're a secret (or proud) fan of flowers.


25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (5)

If there was ever a garden that inspired you to become a lover of flower buds (get it?), this is itIsabella-Plantage.

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This London flower garden in Richmond Park is full of dreamy flowers like brightly colored azaleas.

Perfect as inspiration for your own garden or just as an Insta backdrop.

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Queen Marys Garten

If you are looking for a rose garden in London I present to you:Queen Mary's Guardn e Regent's Park.

Apparently Queen Mary (wife of King George V)in realityhe loved roses. I certainly don't blame her: the sight of over 12,000 of them is really beautiful.

In fact, there are over 85 different types of roses in the garden. You're sure to go home with more knowledge about roses than you ever thought possible.

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Secret Gardens in London

Want to discover some hidden gems in London? Luckily there are many.

Barbacan Konservatorium

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (6)

Even many Londoners are surprised to learn that theBarbacan KonservatoriumIt is the largest conservatory in the city after Kew Gardens.

However, the fact that it's only open on certain Sundays means that this tropical garden is getting a little less trendy in London.

It also adds to the intrigue if you ask me and is well worth checking out.

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Streatham Colony

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (7)

This beautiful London garden is one of my favorite places to escape the city crowds. My parents used to take me here as a kid and I'm happy to say it's just as beautiful decades later.

IsStreatham ColonyIt has been perfectly landscaped with impressive hedges and a beautiful lake on the edge of Streatham Common. Even better? Few know about this secret spot, perfect for enjoying some peace and quiet.

Post Boat Park

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (8)

A picturesque garden north of St. Paul's Cathedral,Post Boat Parkis more than a pretty face.

My favorite part of this room is the moving "Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice" in the center.

Here you will find dozens of plaques dedicated to people who lost their lives trying to save others (it was even featured in the filmFencewith Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen).

It's not hard to see why it's one of my favorite free gardens in London.

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St Dunstan to the east

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (9)

This is a somewhat vague interpretation of 'garden', but it's so unique that I couldn't leave St Dunstan's East on the list.

This place was once home to a beautiful old church, but it was largely destroyed during the Blitz.

Instead of restoring it, the surrounding plants and flowers were left behind to slowly restore it.

The result is extraordinarily beautiful and interesting. It's a popular lunch spot for local workers, but visit off-peak and St Dunstan's is a haven of peace.

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Eltham Palace

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (10)

Once a royal residenceEltham PalaceToday it is managed by English Heritage and is open to us citizens.

There are 19 acres of landscaped gardens to enjoy. The rock garden, the pools and the historic bridge are particularly unique.

A more recent addition that's great for kids is a play area inspired by the travels of former owners Stephen and Virginia Courtauld.

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Coombe-Holz, Croydon

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (11)

If you ask meCoombe-Holzin Croydon (reputation to my home town) is worth much more praise than it gets. That said, I'm not complaining it's never too crowded. . .

Inspired by forests, this scenic garden opened in 1948.

It's beautiful all year round, but thanks to the abundance of flowers and the pretty stream, it's one of London's prettiest spring gardens.

The Secret Garden in Brockwell Park

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (12)

If you've seen the movieThe secret gardenand have dreamed of finding your own secluded place, I have a gift for you.

ensconcedPark Brockwell, you will find a beautiful old English walled garden hereSouth London Park.

I don't know how this gem was hidden, but take a look before the mystery is revealed!

The garden was once the kitchen garden for the manor house (now demolished) on the site. Today, however, it's all about the looks, with roses and other plants galore.

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Hampstead Hill Garden + Pergola

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (13)

A London garden well known to locals but oddly hidden in the pages of most guidebooksHampstead Hill Garden and Pergola.

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The pretty shrub covered pergola overlooks West Heath.

In spring, wisteria lines the pillars of the pergola, making it even more beautiful.

This garden not only enjoys the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful plants, but also offers a beautiful view of London.

Jardins Rembrandt in Klein Venedig

Located in the heart of charming Little Venice,Rembrandt GardensThey are a nice place for a walk or a leisurely picnic (sounds good to me).

The gardens get their name from the fact that the city of Amsterdam donated tulips to the garden in the 1970s.

As well as the tulips, there is also plenty of inviting green grass and other plants and flowers to enjoy.

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Queen Elizabeth Hall roof garden

A garden that is freejon a roof? yes this is on saleQueen Elizabeth Hall roof gardenin the center of South Bank.

This is a nice place to have a drink, admire the flowers and enjoy the view of London.

In addition, the garden is maintained by a group of volunteers recovering from issues such as homelessness and mental illness, making it a place most worthy of your support.

Gardens of Casa Myddelton

Beautiful Myddelton House was once the home of Edward Bowles who was definitely a garden junkie.

He spent years learning everything he could about botany and landscaping. He then put his knowledge into practice and designed the impressive eight acres of gardens at Myddelton House.

To this day, they remain one of London's most popular gardens and well worth a visit.

Phoenix Gardens

It's not the loveliest garden in London, but it's certainly one of the most popular.

even in the big cityphoenix gardenIt shows that everyone loves a community garden.

This small garden is located between Soho and Covent Garden. This gives the area a much needed injection of green space and community spirit.

It is a non-profit organization that relies on donations. So if you have a few extra pounds, consider donating them.

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Gardens in London: Palaces + Mansions

In the past, London's wealthy elite had some amazing gardens, and today many are open to the public (but only on our best behavior).

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (14)

Henry VIII might not have been a great husband, but he had plenty to choose from in the gardens. Convince yourself in your old fortress,Court of Hampton.

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Here you will find over 60 hectares of perfectly manicured gardens. It's all very aristocratic, with perfectly polished hedges and imposing statues.

But it's not all serious: there's also a giant maze that's great fun for kids (and kids at heart).


Not far from Hampstead Heath,Fenton-HausIt was built by a wealthy merchant in the 17th century.

As was the fashion then (and still is), the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

It is not only beautiful but also quite practical. There is a large apple orchard and bee habitat; You can even buy the honey from the gift shop.

Garden of the Ham House

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (15)

If you were incredibly wealthy in the 17th century, a stunning home and spectacular garden were definitely non-negotiable.

To take a look at how the other half lived, you can visit themalleged housewith its beautiful garden.

Flowers abound in this garden; If you want to know more, you can even join a free tour.

Gardens of Kensington Palace

If you're fascinated by young royals (let's be honest, aren't we all?) then you should definitely go toGardens of Kensington Palace.

The palace is not only impressive, it is also surrounded by one of the most beautiful gardens in London. The summer garden is particularly impressive and colourful.

Best of all, there's no entry fee if you don't mind skipping the house, making it one of the top free gardens in London.

Gardens of Buckingham Palace

What could be more British than visiting the garden inBuckingham Palace? You can even stop by the tea shop afterwards.

As one would expect from the royal family home, the garden is surprisingly beautiful. In particular, it houses one of the most beautiful rose gardens in London.

Keep in mind that it's only open in the summer; the rest of the time it's just for Queen Liz and her corgis.

Gardens of Casa Syon

If you canSyon house and gardensand feel déjà vu, don't worry. You've probably seen this on a show like Downton Abbey, Killing Eve or Poirot.

The spectacular house and garden are the filmmakers' favourites.

The gardens here are truly stunning, as you would expect from Greater London's last ducal estate. Prepare to be impressed (and very jealous).

Fulham Palace Gardens

25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (16)

Once the home of the Bishops of London,Fulham Palace GardensIt is open today for all to enjoy and admire.

It is a combination of beautiful "pleasure gardens" full of flowers and "orchards" where herbs and spices were grown.

Dating from the 17th century but with modern modifications, it is one of the most beautiful and historic gardens in London. Best of all, entry is free.

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Tips for visiting the London Gardens

  • Several of these gardens are managed by thenational trustÖEnglish heritage. Members are entitled to free entry. Visitors from abroad can also apply for a temporary membership abroad.
  • For paid gardens, it's often cheaper (and easier) to book tickets online. Avoid the crowds and generally save a few pounds.
  • Don't be afraid to take a garden tour, which is available at many of these locations. You are a fun ridejYou can take away some tips for use in your own garden (or houseplant).

The best gardens in London: map

Click here for a map of the featured gardens.

Looking for more London tips and travel guides? Continue reading

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25 Secret London Gardens You Must Explore (17)
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