Kent - Gardens of England (2023)

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Kent - Gardens of England (1)

From the world's largest collection of fruit to beautifully carved vineyards and gardens, find out why Kent is known as the Garden of England on this fantastic tour. We visit the Brogdale Fruit Collection, home to hundreds of varieties of fruit; Godinton House, with beautiful gardens; Chapel Down Vineyard, perfect for sparkling wines; Leeds Castle, the most beautiful castle in the world.

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Depart locally by coach or Home Connect service and travel to Kent for four nights.

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Enjoy a visit to the magnificent Leeds Castle. Tourists from all over the world come to see this magnificent castle, located in a 500-acre landscaped park with mazes, grottoes, aviaries, vineyards and more.

Listed in the "Book of Doom", the castle has a long history and was once inhabited by six medieval queens. It is often called "the castle within the castle, the queen within the castle". King Henry VIII was perhaps the most famous host, transforming the castle for his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. The impressive 'Gold Cloth' painting commemorating the meeting between King Henry VIII and King Francis I of France in 1520 hangs in Leeds Castle.

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leeds castle
Kent - Gardens of England (2)


Today we discover the National Fruit Collection, which has more than 150 acres of farmland and more than 4,000 types of fruit trees. No matter the time of year, there is sure to be something in season, from cherries and plums in the summer to apples and quinces in the fall. We take a trailer ride to learn more about the orchard's unique varieties.

In the afternoon we continue to Canterbury, famous for its cathedral and medieval city.

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Braudel Fruit Series

Kent - Gardens of England (3)


This morning we went to Godington House and Gardens. The 12 acres of peaceful gardens are surrounded by an ancient park, and highlights include a rose garden, herb garden, and lily pond.

We then enjoyed an award-winning sparkling wine from Chapel Down Vineyard.

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Chapel Down Vineyards
(Video) Kent Garden Show - full Walk Through

Goddington House and Gardens
Kent - Gardens of England (4)


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    Why Kent is called the Garden of England? ›

    Kent is sometimes known as the "Garden of England" for its abundance of orchards and hop gardens. In particular the county produces tree-grown fruits, strawberries and hazelnuts. Distinctive hop-drying buildings called oasts are common in the countryside, although many have been converted into dwellings.

    Is Kent still the Garden of England? ›

    The iconic Kent coastal houses also dot the landscape and were historically used as a location to dry hops ready for the brewing process. This makes Kent not only The Garden of England but also The Beer Garden of England where some of the finest ales and wines can be found.

    What is Kent famous for? ›

    Kent is known as the Garden of England due to the number of hop gardens and the growing industry producing an abundance of local produce. Kent is well known for locally sourced food and drink with specialities such as Whitstable Oysters, Romney Marsh Lamb, Dover Sole and Gypsy Tart.

    Is Kent the Garden of Eden? ›

    This is why Kent is called 'The Garden of England'

    According to new research there are over 2700 smallholdings across the country and these range from cereals to livestock spanning 221,000 hectares of farmland. Kent is home to 90% of cherries grown in England and 50% of plums grown in the country.

    What are people from Kent called? ›

    Most English counties have nicknames for people from that county, such as a Tyke from Yorkshire and a Yellowbelly from Lincolnshire; the traditional nickname for people from Kent is "Kentish Long-Tail", deriving from the long-held belief on the continental mainland of Medieval Europe that the English had tails.

    Is Kent in England or Scotland? ›

    Kent, administrative, geographic, and historic county of England, lying at the southeastern extremity of Great Britain.

    Where did Anne Boleyn live in Kent? ›

    Dating back to the 14th century, Hever Castle was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and Mother of Elizabeth I.

    Is it expensive to live in Kent? ›

    In Kent rents are too high and wages are too low

    In Kent, the cost of renting is higher than many other parts of England. Between October 2020 and September 2021, the average monthly private rent for a two-bed property in Kent was £860. For England in general, it was £750.

    Did Anne Boleyn live in Kent? ›

    She grew up at Kent's Hever Castle and found her place in the history books by becoming Henry VIII's second wife, but things didn't go too well for Anne Boleyn, dying by execution in 1536 at the Tower of London.

    What celebrities live in Kent? ›

    High-profile residents who have lived in and around Kent include musicians Jools Holland and Pete Doherty, actress Miriam Margoyles, TV personality Gloria Hunniford, and singer and philanthropist Bob Geldof. Vic Reeves, Nancy Sorrell, Sandi Toksvig, and Davina McCall also call the county home.

    What is the traditional food of Kent? ›

    Kent, often called the Garden of England, is justly famous for its fresh produce. There are apples and cherries, berries and beans, asparagus and oysters, whitebait and samphire, cobnuts and marsh lamb. Kent also has a long tradition of hop growing and beer brewing going back to Tudor times.

    Who was a famous king of Kent? ›

    Aethelberht I, (died Feb. 24, 616 or 618), king of Kent (560–616) who issued the first extant code of Anglo-Saxon laws.

    Where is the real Garden of Eden today? ›

    The location of Eden is described in the Book of Genesis as the source of four tributaries. Various suggestions have been made for its location: at the head of the Persian Gulf, in southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq) where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run into the sea; and in Armenia.

    Has Garden of Eden been discovered? ›

    The real Garden Of Eden has been traced to the African nation of Botswana, according to a major study of DNA. Scientists believe our ancestral homeland is south of the Zambezi River in the country's north.

    What is the Garden of Eden called now? ›

    The term paradise is often used as a synonym for the Garden of Eden before the expulsion of Adam and Eve. An earthly paradise is often conceived of as existing in a time when heaven and earth were very close together or actually touching, and when humans and gods had free and happy association.

    What accent is spoken in Kent? ›

    Kentish was a southern dialect of Old English spoken in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Kent. It was one of four dialect-groups of Old English, the other three being Mercian, Northumbrian (known collectively as the Anglian dialects), and West Saxon.

    What is the most common surname in Kent? ›

    Smith. The most common surname in the county is Smith - who would have guessed? In fact, the surname is the most common in England. Forebears estimates around 23,000 people in Kent have Smith as their surname.

    What ethnicity is Kent? ›

    Ethnicity in Kent

    According to the latest 2021 census, the population in Kent is predominantly white (89.4%), with non-white minorities representing the remaining 10.6% of the population. Asian people were the largest minority group in Kent accounting for 4.4% of the population.

    What is the Kent family motto? ›

    The emblem of Kent and also of Kent Family History Society, traditionally it is shown on a red background. In 2017, as part of a rebranding exercise, Kent FHS reverted to this traditional style. The horse is affectionately named after his Latin motto Invicta meaning unconquered.

    What is the motto of Kent England? ›

    Invicta is a Latin word meaning invincible, undefeated, or unconquered. It has been used in mottoes like Roma invicta (Latin for "Unconquered Rome"), and it is the motto of the county of Kent, England.

    What is the oldest county in England? ›

    Kent is England's oldest county and contains more castles and historic houses than any other region.

    What nationality was Anne Boleyn? ›

    Does the Boleyn family still exist? ›

    From 1536 to present day, 2023. As we know there are no direct descendants of Anne Boleyn. However, research has shown that the Boleyn lineage can be traced to the present day royal family.

    Does the Boleyn family home still exist? ›

    Hever Castle is now a tourist attraction, drawing on its links to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, its mazes, gardens and lakes.

    Why are houses in Kent so expensive? ›

    "There is an absolute shortage of properties to buy at the moment within Kent," says Spencer Fortag, as to why prices are so high. "Despite the fact we are seeing some new-build developments come online, the fact remains there is a strong and continued massive demand for property.

    What is the average life expectancy in Kent? ›

    Male life expectancy at birth in Kent increased from 79 years in 2008/10 to 79.6 years in 2018/20. Female life expectancy at birth in Kent increased from 82.6 years in 2008/10 to 83.3 years in 2018/20.

    What is the richest part of Kent? ›

    1. Sevenoaks – Sevenoaks is a popular and affluent town in Kent, known for its beautiful scenery, vibrant economy and excellent schools.

    What religion was Anne Boleyn? ›

    Anne Boleyn | PBS. hough Anne was raised in the traditional Catholic faith, she advocated reform within the Church. She obtained banned anti-clerical books and supported reformists (see Role as Queen). Anne's reformist leanings would, however, alienate the people of England.

    Where did Anne Boleyn give birth to Elizabeth? ›

    On 7 September 1533, Queen consort of England Anne Boleyn gave birth to her daughter Elizabeth at Greenwich Palace.

    What happened to Hever Castle after Anne Boleyn died? ›

    It appears that Thomas Boleyn's brother, James, then inherited the Castle and sold it for £200 to the crown by indenture on 31st December 1540.

    Where did Audrey Hepburn live in Kent? ›

    But in 1936, she moved to Elham, a village between Folkestone and Canterbury, with her mother the Dutch Baroness Ella Van Heemstra, who was separated from Audrey's English father.

    Is it nice to live in Kent? ›

    Also known as the Garden of England, Kent is regarded as one of the best areas to live in the UK. There are so many factors that contribute to the region's popularity, the excellent villages, towns and cities are certainly amongst these factors.

    What is the main city in Kent? ›

    Maidstone has the largest population of the local authorities in Kent with 176,700 people, which is equivalent to 11.2% of Kent's total population. Dartford is Kent's most densely population local authority district with 16 people per hectare.

    What is the animal of Kent? ›

    The white horse of Kent, known colloquially as the white horse rampant, is a symbol of the county of Kent, in south-east England. The heraldic image is correctly blazoned as Gules, a stallion forcené argent (strictly the term rampant applies to heraldic lions).

    What do northern people eat for breakfast? ›

    Oatmeal vs. Grits. To complete with our breakfast staple, northerners prefer oatmeal. It's arguably a healthier option, but no one said it tastes better.

    What is made in Kent? ›

    There's beer from our historic hops, grass grazed beef and lamb, cider and apple juice from our amazing orchards and handmade fudge & chocolate, jams, chutneys and oils, not forgetting some of the finest soft fruit in the UK.

    What was Kent called in Viking times? ›

    Another battle at Crecganford – believed to be Crayford – followed in 456 and forced the Britons to flee Kent for their London stronghold. The Jutes settled and Kent became known as Cantware in the language brought by the folk who followed Horsa and Hengist to England's shores.

    Did Vikings land in Kent? ›

    Viking attacks: 825–1066

    The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that Kent was first attacked by Viking raiders in the late eighth century. Kent and southeast England would have been an attractive target because of its wealthy minsters, often located on exposed coastal locations.

    Who brought Christianity to Kent? ›

    Gregory wanted to convert the pagan Anglo-Saxons to Christianity, and so he dispatched to England a group of about 40 missionaries, led by Augustine, along with books, relics and other materials. The missionaries arrived in Kent in 597 and were greeted by King Æthelberht.

    What language did Adam and Eve speak? ›

    The Adamic language, according to Jewish tradition (as recorded in the midrashim) and some Christians, is the language spoken by Adam (and possibly Eve) in the Garden of Eden.

    What language did Jesus speak? ›

    Aramaic is best known as the language Jesus spoke. It is a Semitic language originating in the middle Euphrates. In 800-600 BC it spread from there to Syria and Mesopotamia. The oldest preserved inscriptions are from this period and written in Old Aramaic.

    Where is Adam and Eve buried? ›

    The cave of Machpelah, in the West Bank city of Hebron, is the burial place of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah. According to Jewish mystical tradition, it's also the entrance to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve are buried.

    Has the Ark of the Covenant been found? ›

    According to church leaders, the Ark of the Covenant has for centuries been closely guarded in Aksum at the Church of St. Mary of Zion. Not even the high priest of Aksum can enter its resting chamber. Its sole custodian is a virgin monk who cannot leave the sacred grounds until his death.

    Where is heaven according to the Bible? ›

    Heaven is a place of peace, love, community, and worship, where God is surrounded by a heavenly court and other heavenly beings. Biblical authors imagined the earth as a flat place with Sheol below (the realm of the dead) and a dome over the earth that separates it from the heavens or sky above.

    Why did the Garden of Eden fall? ›

    Because Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the Lord sent them out of the Garden of Eden into the world. Their physical condition changed as a result of their eating the forbidden fruit.

    Where is the tree of life now? ›

    Tree of Life (aka Tree Root Cave) Some people call it the Tree of Life. With its amazingly viewable roots seemingly supplying the tree with life despite having no soil, it seems to be immortal. Located just north of Kalaloch Lodge, near the Kalaloch Campground, "Tree Root Cave" features a tree like no other.

    Where is the Garden of Eden in the US? ›

    Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believed and taught that the Garden of Eden was located in or near Independence, Missouri, and that Adam and Eve ultimately came to reside in Daviess County some 70 miles away.

    Where did Adam and Eve live after Eden? ›

    God cast them out of the Garden of Eden to the earth. Eve landed in Jeddah, and Adam in Sri Lanka. After making a pilgrimage to Mecca, Adam finds Eve in Mecca and establishes the sanctuary there as a substitute for the Garden of Eden.

    What is Kent known as Garden of? ›

    The English county of Kent, one of England's 'home counties' (as the counties that surround London are referred to) and is best known as The Garden of England, and with good reason.

    What does Kent mean in England? ›

    Derived from the Celtic word cant, meaning "bordering of a circle," Kent typically translates as "edge." Since its early utterances by the ancient Celtic tribe who first claimed its coastal location, the name has endured, gracing the tongues of many civilizations.

    What was Kent originally called? ›

    Canterbury was the principle tribal capital of Cantium (Kent) with a second area of administration at Rochester which the Roman's named: Durobrivae Cantiacorum. Durobrivae meaning fortified crossing with a bridge.

    What does Kent mean in Old English? ›

    Decline of Romano-British Kent

    Its name had been taken from an older Common Brittonic place-name, Cantium ("corner of land" or "land on the edge") used in the preceding pre-Roman Iron Age, although the extent of this tribal area is unknown.

    What is the oldest town in Kent? ›

    About. Discover Faversham, located in the heart of the Garden of England. The oldest market town in Kent and recorded in the Domesday Book, is bursting with history and located on a winding creek.

    What is the main town in Kent? ›

    Covering 13 Districts, with an overall population of around 1,554, 600, you'll be surprised to learn that Canterbury is the only city in Kent. Made up of large towns and many other smaller towns and villages, many people mistakenly believe that the Kent District of Medway is a city.

    Where in Kent did the Romans land? ›

    Archaeologists believe they may have uncovered the first evidence of Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain in 54BC. The discovery of a defensive ditch and weapons led them to identify Pegwell Bay in Thanet, Kent, as the place they believe the Romans landed.

    Is the last name Kent Irish? ›

    English and Irish: habitational name from the county of Kent. The surname is also established in Ireland, where English bearers of this name settled in Meath, in the 13th century. The name has been Gaelicized as Ceannt.

    Were the Vikings in Kent? ›

    Historical texts talk of Kent suffering from Viking raids, although little archaeological evidence has yet been found. The first big raid was on Sheppey in AD 835 and attacks continued, targeting Rochester, Canterbury and the monasteries. In the AD 850s the Vikings supposedly overwintered on Sheppey and Thanet.

    Did Vikings settle in Kent? ›

    Historical texts describe the Vikings first attacking Canterbury in AD851. However, the Vikings did not settle in Kent at that time. King Alfred the Great of Wessex, who also ruled over Kent, was the only British king able to beat the Vikings in battle.

    When did the Romans leave Kent? ›

    The end of Roman Kent

    Troops were withdrawn from the end of the fourth century onwards to deal with incursions elsewhere in the Roman empire, the last of them leaving from Richborough. The end of Roman Britain is conventionally set at AD406.


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