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Who should replace Kevin De Bruyne in Sunday's squad?

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Betis interested in Zinchenko: reports

Oleksandr Zinchenko has been linked with a move to Real Betis after being sidelined for the first two days of the season.

Zinchenkoparticipated in the transfermanchester cityThe entire transfer window, but he opted out of the £16m move to Wolves, instead fighting for his place at the Etihad.

However, the Ukraine international did not feature in the Community Shield win over Chelsea or the Premier League opener against Arsenal.

Now,sports worldmiSeville informationReal Betis have reportedly started talks to sign the 21-year-old on loan this season.

Girona, Manchester City's partner club, has also been linked with a loan deal for Zinchenko despite a recent injury.kevin de bruyneThat could mean City need Zinchenko to provide cover in midfield.

Full story here.


Bernardo defends substitution of De Bruyne

Today we ask who should replace Kevin De Bruyne in his absence.

It's definitely over: Bernardo Silva is the guy you want to promote.

Can he build on his strong start to the season?


word of champion


Robertos is soon


"Today you have to win for something"

" have to win for David Silva and his girlfriend"

Manchester City's midfield wizard has released an emotional clip from the make or break documentary.

16:42key event

De Bruyne's injury is the same as two years ago

Patrick DeCoster, Kevin De Bruyne's agentbelgian mediaThe midfielder's injury is similar to the one he suffered against Everton two years ago.

"I was on the phone with him for a few minutes and he confirmed that he has the same knee that he injured in training this morning [against Everton] and it looks the same."

"And then there's no ligament tear, that's the most important thing, so we're talking about six to nine months, Kevin doesn't think that happened, the doctor will have a clearer tomorrow how bad or how bad it's going to be. "

DeCoster also revealed how the injury occurred:

"Just training in his spare time and not even getting into a duel, it was a sad accident. He said he felt the same as he did 2 years ago, more or less the same." he even ordered. "

"Unfortunately for him, the season starts and it's always fun to be there, but as long as the ligament doesn't tear, we can still hope for a speedy recovery."


Pellegrini rules out meeting with Yaya

Speculation about a transfer from West Ham United to Yaya Toure increased over the summer.

Toure, who was sacked by Manchester City at the end of the season, has been heavily linked with a move to West Ham, linking up with former manager Pellegrini.

However, the Chilean said he would not make a move for Toure:

"This is the team I want this season. I don't think there are other players out at the moment.

"Yaya Toure is a good player and we have our players in this position. He will always be a good player, but at the moment he is not fit for West Ham. At the moment the team is finished."

16:11key event

Roberts loan finally confirmed

He traveled to Spain earlier this week and was included in the Girona squad this morning, and now the loan of Patrick Roberts at Girona has finally been confirmed.

The winger will spend the season at partner club Manchester City.


Why aren't Manchester City in tonight's Carabao Cup draw?

The draw for the second round of the Carabao Cup is tonight... but not yet for Manchester City.

Manchester City - along with Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur - is out of the third round due to its participation in European competition.

The clubs will play in the third round, where City will start defending the cup.


not much

Are you going to watch tomorrow?


Who can replace De Bruyne?

He has been submitting proposals on who will replace KDB in his absence. Don't forget to vote in the poll at the top of this page.


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Wembley is already an option to face Spurs

Mauricio Pochettino found a solution for Tottenham's game against Manchester City on October 28.

He says:

"If you were to ask me today if it would be possible to play in a new stadium, of course it would be to find a way to play at Wembley, because I think playing somewhere else, maybe three stadiums in one season would be too much."

"Maybe we need to adjust. If it's the day after an NFL game, the field may not be at its best, but we need to work hard and try to play to the end because it might be hard to find another date."

This would allow City to play at Wembley the day after a big NFL game. There will be concerns on the pitch and if the two teams make it to the fourth round of the Carabao Cup, there could be a clash as the week beginning October 29 is scheduled for the tournament.


Bernardo tipped to replace KDB

We previously asked who should play Kevin De Bruyne in Manchester City's starting XI against Huddersfield, and one man is leading the way so far:

  1. Bernardo Silva 45%
  2. David Silva 37%
  3. Phil Foden 12%
  4. Ilkay Gundogan 6%

Fans on Twitter also agreed:

disagree? There is still time to vote in the poll at the top of this page.


Sterling animated with documentary

13:47key event

Spurs owner orders modernization of stadium

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has said the club will look to play at Wembley if its new stadium is not ready for the October 28 game against Manchester City, despite domestic restrictions. The stadium was scheduled to host an NFL game that day.

This situation must be resolved quickly.


Kompany Family Division


Behind the scenes at the premiere of All or Nothing

The Manchester City players were in attendance at the premiere of All or Nothing at Printworks last night.

That iswhat we learned from the premiere.

That isAll you need to knowAbout the Amazon Prime Collection.


Roberts from Girona... but there is a problem

Patrick Roberts has been called up for Girona's match against Real Valladolid this weekend.

The only problem is that the expected loan of Roberts to a La Liga team has not yet been confirmed.

The Spanish club is clearly confident that a deal will be announced soon!


selena opens

Former urban youth Bersant Celina talks about moving to Norway as a child to escape the war in Kosovo.

Selina moved to Swansea for the summer and isWales onlineabout your past

He says:

"It was about our safety, I mean, I don't remember because I was so young.

"It was a difficult time and it was good that we could go to Norway.

“It's not something I really like to talk about, but it was a difficult time. You have everything and then you have nothing. My parents had to start over, they lost everything.

"From documents, to school, to work. We are immigrants from different countries. But Norway is a very good country and treats us very well."

He also talked about his time at City and training with players like Sergio Agüero and David Silva.

"I arrived at City very young, there is a new academy there and everything is very good there. They have great players of all ages," he said.

"I am grateful for my time and opportunities there. Manuel Pellegrini was a huge influence on me, he brought me to the first team and I will always be grateful to him.

“There are many great players. I admire many of them, but when I was training with the first team, I saw David Silva.

"It's amazing to watch him play, he's fantastic. He's not the only one, but I love the way he plays. Scoring goals for someone like Agüero is something you never forget."


More trailers of All or Nothing

How big is this table football? ?

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De Bruyne travels to Barcelona for treatment

Kevin De Bruyne will fly to Barcelona today to begin treatment for a knee injury.

The Manchester City star tore ligaments in his knee in training on Wednesday morning and the club say they won't know the full extent of the damage until the swelling subsides over the next few days.

But De Bruyne is expected to be out for at least two months, with further tests to be carried out at Guardiola's favorite doctor Ramon Cugat's clinic to determine the full extent of the problem.

full story.

11:39key event

Documentary shows Manchester United are 'negative'

in accordance withthe Telegraph, The documentary All or Nothing paints the football style of Manchester United and manager José Mourinho as negative and defensive.

When City beat United at Old Trafford in December, commentator Ben Kingsley apparently said:

"It's Guardiola vs Mourinho again; possession vs defence; attacking football vs 'park the bus'."

The documentary will show City fans chanting the popular chants of 'Stop the bus' against their neighbours.

City said it did not edit the documentary, but had the ability to veto footage that could reveal sensitive information or raise legal issues.


pick up where you left off

Ilkay Gundogan said that he is fit and healthy ahead of the new season.

He may have to play a bigger role after Kevin De Bruyne's injury.

He says:

"Yes, I feel refreshed, unfortunately maybe because the World Cup was also short for us [Germany].

"But I was really ready. I managed to play almost a full season last season after a big injury. It was tough."

"Finally, I looked at my stats and I played about 50 games last season. It's been very good for me."

"So I hope this time it's similar, especially in terms of how we play and win."


City fans hope to make or break

All or Nothing comes out tomorrow, and it's safe to say that fans are looking forward to it.

For everything you need to know, check out our how-to guide:


'We have...'

10:43key event

destination delay


Parr mal

In a clip from the first episode of All or Nothing, Guardiola explained how he stopped Liverpool's Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane before their 5-0 home win last season.

Guardiola told his team:

"Today I will explain what they did in attack, with the ball, Liverpool.

"It's a very good team running, running behind, because the people on the field are very important.

"Just focus today, when the ball is out,close channelMané and Salah play in these positions, so when the ball is here (midfield) they move or put the ball here (channel).

"They are very quick. Even when the (Manchester City) full-backs have to come out, they try to move (out) here to close, play here (in). Is it okay?"



brand new all or nothing

There was absolutely no sign of the red carpet last night!


City players react to KDB's injury

Manchester City had been talking about Kevin De Bruyne's injury in training yesterday.

fernandino said:

"He's fine. We don't know what's going on yet, we'll let you know as soon as the doctors know.

"Of course he was very important for us last season and I hope he makes a quick recovery and is back playing as soon as possible."

Ilkay Gundogan added:

"In fact, I didn't even see what was going on because it was right behind me.

“Obviously we all hope it's not too bad because Kevin, especially last season, had a huge impact on us.

"He's very important, a key player for us, so we want him back as soon as possible."

09:25key event

Real Betis wants Zinchenko on loan

Spain's Real Betis are considering a loan deal for Manchester City midfielder Olek Sander Zinchenko.

sports worldIt has been suggested that the 21-year-old will get the chance to move to Spain after turning down a Wolves deadline.


What Pep Guardiola told the City players after the United game

Pep Guardiola told his Manchester City players they 'killed' Manchester United after City's winOld Traffordin December.

David Silva and Nicolás Otamendi sealed their second consecutive goal with free kicks from set pieces in the first halfSuper LeaguegainguardiolaOvercomeJose MourinhoExtend City's advantage over their neighbors to 11 points in United's field. However, the match was overshadowed by a post-match brawl outside the visitors' dressing room, in which City assistant Mikel Arteta suffered cuts to his face.

City's success ended United's title fight as they lost points to Leicester, Burnley and Southampton later in the month, while City only faced Liverpool in January. It was their first loss of the season.

full story.


Agüero and De Gea's friendship

Sergio Agüero also spoke fondly of his close friendship with David de Gea in the documentary Tudo ou Nada.

“But most of the time I'm alone. If not, I go out with Nico Otamendi or David De Gea. I go out with David De Gea a lot because we played together for Atlético de Madrid. We have a friendship with Atlético, but he plays for Manchester United and I am for City."


Guardiola's words to the players after the victory at Old Trafford

Expect lots of quotes from today's excellent all-or-nothing documentaries. The latest entry reveals Guardiola's team talk following their derby day victory at Old Trafford last December.

"You killed [Manchester United] while they were playing, even in their bad times, lads. You were brilliant. We went out and showed our neighbors what we were. And you did, lads, for that you deserve all my respect." Everything is in our hands. Only Manchester City can lose the Premier League now."


Jesus is happy to be back.

The tweet translates to "joy."



Bernardo Silva has been working hard in the gym.


Guardiola's biggest challenge

Pep Guardiola sees defeating Manchester United as his biggest challenge as City manager.

In the behind the scenes documentary "All or Nothing", Guardiola said:

“Our neighbor has been a winner for 15 or 20 years.

"I think my biggest challenge as a coach is to change that."

Liam Cowles

City players pose for photo at documentary premiere

The Manchester City stars gathered at Printworks on Wednesday night for the premiere of the club's upcoming Amazon Prime documentary.

Guardiola and his players arrived at the Vue Cinema at 7:00 p.m., before the screening of the first episode of Tudo ou Nada:Manchester City.

first team starSergio Aguerodavi silva eSterling wombThey attended the meeting, as well as the captain of the clubVicente Kompany.

Last season's Premier League player Kevin De Bruyne wobbled onto the blue carpet on crutches after injuring his right knee in training earlier that day.

Manchester City players arrive for All or Nothing debut

see the gallery

stewart brennan

De Bruyne injured

Kevin De Bruyne suffered a serious knee injury that could keep him out until October.

to bemanchester cityThe midfielder was injured in training yesterday and although the full extent of the injury is not known until further examinations are carried out in the coming days, there are suspicions that it is a knee problem similar to the one that has been absent for nine season weeks. debut

De BruyneTorn knee and ankle ligamentsbeat everton in the league cupIn 2016, he missed most of the season.

The good news is that a more serious cruciate ligament injury appears to have been ruled out.

Full story here.

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