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Music is everywhere, but what happens in these songs is so much more than just great songs. Some artists are direct, while others use lyrics with hidden messages. Everyone has a song that they thought meant something different and it turned out to be completely different. There are deep songs here that you didn't know had a deeper meaning.

1. I can't feel my face - The Weeknd

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (vídeo oficial)

Nothing is ever black and whitewith the weekend. When you hear the song, at first you think it's a love song, but the actual meaning of the lyrics is different. I can't feel that my face is the literal description of what happens when you ingest too much of a certain substance. The artist metaphorically described his relationship with this substance as if it were a woman. It's more like the confessions of a drug addict.

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2. Pokerface – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Pokerface (Official Music Video)

Lady Gaga has always explored her bisexuality, especially in her early hits. Poker Face was one of the songs whose meaning was not entirely clear. However, in an interview, he clarified that the song is about being in a relationship with a guy while fantasizing about a girl. Bisexuality was the idea behind the song. Therefore, the lyrics contain various sexual innuendos.

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3. Chandelier - Yours

Sia - Chandelier (official video)

When this song was released, most people interpreted it as a party song. Deep songs are easily misunderstood all the time. Sia shares her struggles with alcoholism and addiction. YourFriend was hit by a taxi, and turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with the loss. He poured his emotions into the music. That hasn't stopped it from being one of pop's greatest party anthems.

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4. Closing time: semi-sonic

Semisonic - Closing Time (Vídeo Musical Oficial)

On the surface, this song is about a bar closing after a party. But at its core, it's about the vocalist's impending fatherhood. Dan Wilson said he didn't realize the song was about his unborn child until he wrote it. Subconscious inspiration dictated the lyrics. If you listen to the song again, you'll realize what the artist is talking about.

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5. A Little More - Jonas Brothers

a little longer

This songSounds like a breakup song, which most people suspected. But it turns out it's about Nick JonasBattling type 1 diabetes. He says he wrote the song in twenty minutes one day when his sugar was getting out of control. That's when some of the lyrics started to make more sense. You could easily dictate the deeper meaning and identify some of the things you missed in music the first time.

6. Gangnam Style - Psychopath


This was a viral music video in 2012, mostly because of the comedic equestrian dancing. It's all fun until you realize the deeper issues Psy wanted to address. Gangnam is a very privileged and wealthy South Korean district. The artist mocked and to some extent imitated those who held themselves in high esteem. It's a great piece of socioeconomic satire and a great song to let loose and dance to.

7. Kicks bombeados – Foster The People

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (vídeo oficial)

Chances are you've been entertained by the music of Pumped Up Kicks at some point in the last decade. The song is about an aloof boy who dreams of tearing down his school in revenge. The artist says he wanted to write from the victim's point of view, but decided to get inside the killer's mind. According to him, it should be a song against guns. But some critics felt it exploited the problem.

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8. Let It Be - The Beatles

Let it be (2009 remastered)

If you know Paul McCartney, you can probably guess what the song is about. The lyrics don't say so directly, but Paul's late mother inspired the song. She died of cancer when he was just 14, which is why he wrote this song. His mother's name was also Maria. When asked if the song referred to the Virgin Mary, the Beatles said it was up to the fans' interpretation.

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9. Good Riddance - Green Day

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) [Video-Musical-Offizieller]

People play this song at funerals, graduations, weddings and other farewell ceremonies. The text is appropriate for such occasions because it suggests moving on to the next chapter in life. But, according to the vocalist, the song was written when he was upset and bitter about the breakup. His girlfriend at the time moved to Ecuador. He decided to name the song.Good tripto show your anger

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10. Blackbird - The Beatles

Amsel (remastered in 2009)

The Beatles had many songs with hidden meanings. This song isn't about a bird with broken wings; it is symbolic. He talks about the civil rights movement in America. This should show that you should always look for the deeper meaning of each band's song. But you can also take it literally if you don't want to break your head.

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11. Born in America - Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA (Official Video)

You might be among the majority who think this song is about pride and patriotism in the United States. This is possibly one of the most understood songs of all time. The dominant tone in the lyrics deals with criticism of American politics and society. He criticizes the treatment of veterans after their return from the Vietnam War. Now that you know the deeper meaning, you can hear the music from a different perspective.

12. Hardest to Breathe - Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe

At first glance, this song is a hot love song about a difficult relationship. But if you dig deeper, you'll find that the song is about the pressure the band's label put on them. The label wanted more songs for the 2002 album and this was one of the songs on 11 Hours. This underscores the pressure from the music industry. People learned the inspiration and true meaning behind the song from various interviews with the artists.

13. I shot the sheriff - Bob Marley

Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff (studio version)

The reggae icon didn't talk about shooting a real sheriff. According to her ex, the song was about Bob Marley not wanting her to take birth control pills. The sheriff of music is the doctor who prescribes birth control pills. That's when phrases like "Every time I plant a seed, he says to kill it before it grows" make the most sense.

14. Imagina – John Lennon

IMAGINAR. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) - John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (mit Flux Fiddlers) HD

Imagine that you might not be as innocent as you initially thought. This song is like a real communist manifesto. According to John Lennon, music accepts communism because it is covered in sugar. The artist waited until the song became a huge hit before revealing the serious communist underpinnings. He now said he knows what to do, send messages with some honey.

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15. No more tears to cry - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - No More Tears To Cry (official video)

Ariana Grande has a lot of serious stuff hidden in this iconic pop anthem. The lyrics track her feelings after the terrorist attack during her concert in Manchester. She never came out openly to explain the lyrics, but it's similar to everything on the Sweetener album that came out after the attack. She claims the best way to move forward is through this song.

16. American - Guess Who

The Guess Who - Americananerin (Official Audio)

This 1970s song is about a woman who has offended singers. You will learn this from the literal meaning of the texts. However, the woman represents America. They wrote the song after trying to recruit the band while playing in North Dakota. That's why the Canadian band felt that the country had wronged them.

17. I'm Crying - Flo Rida

Flo Rida - I'm Crying [official video]

If you listen to the songs about meaning, you will understand that Flo Rida spoke about victims of terrorist attacks and natural disasters. These victims find solace in religion. The message isn't too hidden if you listen carefully. You might cry when you learn the meaning behind the harmless lyrics.

18. Half-Enchanted Life - Blinded Third Eye

Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life (Video-Musical-Offizieller) [HD]

This upbeat song was heavily edited for radio play. Therefore, there is no evidence of illegal substances. But you will understand the deeper hidden meaning of the song if you look at the original lyrics. The clean version gives no indication that the song is about a couple traveling together.

19. On the Air Tonight - Phil Collins

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Vídeo Musical Oficial)

Afterleave creationPhil released his first solo song "In The Air Tonight". The song opens with a haunting monologue that sounds like a man refusing to save a drowning man. But Phil Collins later revealed that it was about something else. It's a look at divorce that shows the bitter and angry side of the breakup.

20. Like a Virgin - Madonna

Madonna - Like a Virgin (Official Video)

Contrary to what many people think, this song is not about virginity. The deeper meaning concerns the author's relationship. Billy Steinberg's failed relationship affected him emotionally, and he wrote about it. A new relationship made you feel refreshed after the emotionally challenging relationship. The lyrics were inspired by how he handled the situation.

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21. Das A-Team – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - The A-Team [videoclipe oficial]

Ed's power ballad is very catchy and easy to sing. But did you really know what you were singing about? The song's lyrics are about a female sex worker addicted to illegal substances, more specifically a "class A drug", hence the name The A-Team. If you're even a little interested, you'll find that there's something more going on in the lyrics.

22. Wolves – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, Marshmello - Wolves

Whenever Selena Gomez releases a song, her army of fans, aka Selenators, are always ready to seek out the song's deeper meaning. They sang this song as their battle with lupus. Lupus directly means wolf in Latin. But Selena said the lyrics have a whole story about her and that she was going through some things at the time, which the song reflects.

23. Waterslide – Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls - Slide [Official Music Video]

At first everyone thought it was a love song. But it turns out the meaning behind it is darker than expected. The song is about two Catholic teenagers who become pregnant and are now torn between abortion and marriage. But then the secret meaning suddenly becomes clear when you take a second look at the lyrics.

24. Chop Suey! - System of a Down

System Of A Down - Chop Suey! (official HD video)

The original name of this song was Suicide, but the label wanted to change it for the worse to avoid controversy. The song isn't just about makeup. Band members have suicidal thoughts. He also talks about substance abuse and whether death is deserved.

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25. Chocolate Rain - Tay Zonday

Original song „Chocolate Rain“ by Tay Zonday

Chocolate Rain became a very popular meme in 2007. He would step away from the mic every time he took a breath, it was hilarious. The video went viral, but most people don't know the meaning behind the lyrics. He spoke about the problems of people of color in a racist and oppressive society.

26. Cake by the Sea - DNCE

DNCE - Pie by the Ocean

Joe Jonas is part of the group DNCE and this was his first single. The song received a radio edit that changed the lyrics and title of the chorus. The song isn't about eating cake by the sea. cake means sex; They used a clever rewording to hide the true meaning. Sex on the Beach was not going to be a title for kids, so edits were necessary.

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27. Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls

Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life (Musical Official)

This popular song contains recipes or instructions on how to cook a specific substance. While it's a great, upbeat, fun song, there's been a lot of speculation and criticism that the lyrics contain references to this substance. The song was featured on the popular TV show Breaking Bad. However, the Spice Girls never gave in to interpretation.

There you have it, twenty-seven songs with deeper meaning.

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